My name is Yin Xiaomeng. A heard this name, whether you are in a long notbig mean? Yes, in the eyes of parents, I will never grow up, Jing Jing is mynickname, opened the dictionary to check the "Jing" word, means women's talent.Sorry, the name is really a bit sorry, actually I was poor. I also I have a penname - snow Rao. Is chairman MAO, "patio spring snow", according to the word inthe poem, I think it is a beautiful name.

I'm sixteen years old this year. Sixteen of the youth, should be happy,more should be a happy girl of sixteen, and I was the opposite. I want to be inmy character doomed youth shed tears. I often cry. No wonder my mother said Ilike sentimental Lin daiyu. However, I also like such a character, she makes meto love literature, and was appreciated by his teacher. I especially loveliterature, especially the prose and poetry. I often think of your happiness andsorrow into small poetry and prose in one after another.

Four and a half years old started kindergarten, I was six years oldpreschool, the primary school at the age of eight. In elementary school, mymotto is: tuition than the somebody else to pay less, scores more not inferiorto others! So, my grades have been top class. My mother has been regarded as herhope, her pride. I grew up in this piece of it about. Probably because myarrogant, gradually, my grades slipped to medium. The more severe, grade 3 gradethan was once a poor. But my family and my teacher didn't give up. They thinkI'll catch up.

There are few now, about my story. I think, in a few years to write myautobiography will be more wonderful.


Hello everyone, my name is ya-nan zhang. I this year twelve years old, myhobby is reading, listening to music, play badminton, because of reading, I fellin love with one of the world's top ten literary giant of lu xun, he is also myfavorite celebrity. My motto is: "as long as it is not over, will go all out!"Therefore, until now, I do things more persistent.

I am optimistic, cheerful, lively, good, but also become a short tempersometimes, unable to control his temper.

Tell me about my name below, dad called me "ya nan" but there is a smallstory! Was grandpa's grandmother has a good name for me, waiting for theregistered permanent residence, can be in that day, dad didn't say the name"hong-yu zhang", because he thought the name like the name of the boy, but I wasa girl! But also can't think of any good name at the moment, I heard that, onaccount of the moment, my father think of the word "nan", so he called the "nan"this two word, later also is my grandpa had a fierce! The meaning of the fatheris a filial son, few are grandma and grandpa, but this time, but for me thislittle life, and made a for grandma and grandpa.

But, moreover, fill in hu kou book, don't let take the name of two words,that what should I take? A "elegant" word suddenly appeared in front of dad's,so he will blurt out, will be "ya-nan zhang"! I have my own name.

"Elegant" is elegant, noble, beautiful and generous, "nan" is solid,precious materials, dad this name is hope I quiet, elegant, and hopefully I canbe in the plastic, but I failed to live up to my dad's a after all expectations.Now I mischievous active, students are often around me the whole cup. I have towork hard, ah, to shorten my with elegant far distance.

And the word "nan" but don't know whether I deserve to go up, after all, doyou have any talent, also need time to adjust to see!

I will maintain good mentality and friends, classmates, positive anduplifting, helping each other, respect each other, let you deeply rememberme!


A 12-year-old girl, height 1 meter 6 more. Slightly darker skin, the eye ischaracteristic, look at ordinary times is not small, but a smile is narroweddown a seam, embedded on the round face. My mouth is not beautiful, especiallywhen talking to can always let not accurately on the "decent" teeth"appearance". Nose, in addition to the bridge of the nose low some, a bit "flatjiangchuan" imposing manner, the other is so-so. - this is flatly light me.

Don't know why, rise the first day of junior high school, I was curiousabout everything to do with the campus, such as I used to sit at the same table,her name is cui accumulate, accumulate the name cui caught my fancy, so I willanalysis about it. Cui aggregates with bright and bright is describe the starrysky, the stars is refers to the universe, the universe would have manymeteorites, two meteorite collision together, would explode, and explosion makesmeteorites jiggled rotten, destroy bad meteorites slowly accumulate and togetheragain. So, her name is of profound significance. - that's what I lovefantasy.

I am a "happy fruit", between friends and relatives can easily makingothers laugh, others also can easily I'll laugh.

On one occasion, my brother one breath eat three steamed stuffed bun, youknow, dad a meal to eat two steamed stuffed bun. I said to him: "dear ah di, youwant to stick to it, every meal eat three steamed stuffed bun, I believe in thenear future, you can go to unfold sumo, will have to champion..." I'm not doneyet, mom and dad laughed, brother red face, embarrassed lowered his head. - thisis my humor.

I have a hobby of reading, there is also a sports hobbies, there isinterest in Musical Instruments, such as, spare time I'll pull a violin orqualities a flute song. Though not jing, but also enough to cultivate mysentiment. - this is my hobby is widespread.

Plain, love fantasy, the hobby is widespread, this is what I -- Zhao Yu.Would you like to make friends with me? I'm looking forward to you.


Good afternoon, teachers! Today, I’m very happy to make a speech here. Now,let me introduce myself. My name is Zhu Rujie. My English name is Molly. I’m 12.I come from Class1 Grade 6 of TongPu No.2 Primary School. I’m an active girl. Ilike playing basketball. Because I think it’s very interesting. I’d like to eatpotatoes.

They’re tasty. My favourite color is green. And I like math best. It`s fun.On the weekend, I like reading books in my room. I have a happy family. Myfather is tall and strong.

My mother is hard-working and tall, too. My brother is smart. And I`m agood student. My dream is to be a teacher, because I want to help the poorchildren in the future. Thank you for listening! Please remember me!


Hello, my name is_______. I am_______ years old. Now I am studyingin_______Primary School. I am in Grade _______, Class_______.

I live in_______. There are _______ members in my family—father, mother andme. My father is a_______ but my mother is working in _______. I love both ofthem.

In my spare time, I like _______, and my favorite color is_______. Also Ilove __________very much, such as ________________.

I hope I can learn English well, because I think it very important.But_______ is favorite subject, because it is very interesting. I wish I canbecome a _______in the future.

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